Project «UNITED»

The project «UNITED» was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme “Europe for Citizens”

Applicable to the Strand 2 – Measure 2.1″Town-Twinning”

Participation: The project involved 38 citizens, notably 4 participants from the town of Caltanissetta(Italy), 6 participants from the towns of Trudovets and Razlog – NGO Association Brainstorm Group (Bulgaria), 4 participants from the Helpa viilage (Slovakia), 5 participants from the town of Jonava (Lithuania), 5 participants from the city of Daugavpils (Latvia), 3 participants from the Hrastnik Municipality – Mladinski center Hrastnik (Slovenia), 3 participants from the town of Farkadona (Greece) and 8 participants from the town of Raska (Serbia).

Location/ Dates: The event took place in Kopaonik and Raska (Raska Municipality), Serbia, from 26/05/2017 to 01/06/2017.

Short description:

The day of 26/05/2017 was dedicated to welcoming of all of international participants – at the airport, at bus station and at the hotel “Milmari resorts”, at Kopaonik.

The day of  27/05/2017 was dedicated to representing of all project actors throw PPT presentations and to represent comparative praxis in youth politics. First activity, on this day, was welcoming speech of President of Raska Municipality, Ignjat Rakitic, talking about importance of the project and helding of press conference. In the evening, intercultural evening was held at the hotel. Participants from all countries were in their national costumes and all of them had represent their towns and countries and its food and drinks.

The day of 28/05/2017 was dedicated to representing of EU programmes realized by City of Daugavpils. On this day, project group had participated on the Day of Queen Jelena Anzujska Festival, at village of Gradac, and it was included in specific workshops – drawing, preparing of food. We had lunch at etno village Gradacka Banja where the hosts were representing their work. In the evening, we had karaoke party.

The day of 29/05/2017 was dedicated to visiting of two local firms and listening its presentations. Before that, in the morning, we had debate about leaving and working at rural areas/towns and cities. We also had visited local Center for culture, education and informations (local gallery and museum) where the group had heard more about Raska culture and history. After that, participants had sports activities at the hotel swimming pool. In the evening, we had visited local monasteries, Stara Pavlica and Nova Pavlica, at he village of Pavlica, and, after that, we had working dinner at etno house “Toplina duse”, at the same village.

The day of 30/05/2017 was dedicated to helding debate about future of Europe and active involvement of all of us and to representing Europe for Citizens programme by Serbian Office for cooperation with civil society. Later on, at the Semetes Lake, participants from Raska held presentation about cultural tourism, and owner of the catering facility had presented his work and plans. We had some free time at the Lake, too. In the evening, we had visited Raska Cultural Center at which local ensemle “Frula” had represented national songs and dances of Serbia, and Bulgaria, also.

The day of 31/05/2017 was dedicated, firstly, to visiting of Tourist Center Kopaonik –  presentation at the Office of National Park Kopaonik, visiting tourist facility of Tourist organization of Raska and buying souvenirs, and using of entertainment contents of Ski resorts of Serbia. We had some free time at the Kopaonik, also. In the afternoon, we had visited another tourist center, Josanicka Banja (Josanicka Spa) where we had lunch and presentation of Josanicka Banja and local heroin, Milnuka Savic, by our tourist quide. We also had used contents of a thermal bath under the administration of Tourist organization of Raska. In the evening, we talked about areas of potential cooperation in the future and that areas are – project cooperation, youth exchanges, using of EVS, cultural cooperation on every level, socio economic cooperation including firms from all of towns included. Later on, we had free time at Raska.

The day of 01/06/2017 was dedicated to departure of all international participants.

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